Mountain Communities Snowfall for Frazier Park, CA - These recordings for snowfal in Frazier Park started the rain year of 2014-2015

For previous snowfall amounts in Pine Mountain Club for the years of 2003-2004 thru 2013-2014, please go HERE

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PLEASE NOTE - Snow totals are recorded at our weather station located at Lat: ( 34.821 ° ) and Lon: ( -118.961 ° ) at an elevation of 4940 feet above sea level. Our season for snow and rainfall recordings run from July 1 thru June 30. The snowfall amounts in our mountain areas can vary quite drastically from one area to the next.

  2020-2021 Snow Fall Totals - 33.00 inches 2.75 feet) - Current Year
  2019-2020 Snow Fall Totals - 62.00 inches (5.17 feet) 2018-2019 Snow Fall Totals - 35.00 inches (2.92feet)
2017-2018 Snow Fall Totals - 9.50 inches   2016-2017 Snow Fall Totals - 28.00 inches - 2 feet - 3.33 inches
2015-2016 Snow Fall Totals - 11.00 inches 2014-2015 - NO SNOWFALL THIS YEAR!!!


Have you ever watched rain pouring down on a cold winter day and said to yourself "This would be nice if all of this were falling as snow!" Well if you get one inch of rain, that doesn't mean that if it were falling as snow, you would have one inch of snow. There is a conversion to determine "___ amount of rain equals ___ amount of snow". This conversion is not always the same, because air temperature plays a big role in this as well. When the air is near freezing, there is a lot of water content to the snow and 10 inches of snow could melt down to one inch of rain. However, if the air is very cold, and you have a powdery snow, it may take as much as 25 or more inches of snow to melt down to one inch of rain. Below is the conversions that you would use based upon the temperature. These conversions are all based on "____inches of snow melts down to one inch of rain."

85% of Pine Mountain's Snowfall comes between 25 & 35 degrees, thus making it very wet, 15:1 or 10:1 ratio)
35 7:1
29 - 34 10:1
20 - 28 15:1
10 - 19 20:1
0 - 9 30:1
<0 40:1

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